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The initial logo sketchThe initial logo sketch

Squares are arguably the most versatile and powerful shapes in existence. They describe a unique combination of simplicity, symmetry, and balance that resonates with our inherent aesthetic sensibilities.

I chose the square as my logo because it represents the core of my design and mathematical philosophy.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Instead of trying to create a needlessly complex logo, I chose to remove all unnecessary elements until I was left with a single square.


The square is traditionally used to end a proof (See: Q.E.D.). As a mathematician, I find this to be a fitting metaphor for the end of a project or the completion of a task and therefore a fitting logo for my brand.

Moreover, the square is the baseline for origami and the building block for many other shapes. This is a metaphor for my design philosophy, which is to start from the simplest possible shape and build from there.


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